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  • No more guessing 'is it cooked?' Whether you like it rare or well done, this gadget will help you get professional results every time. Simply insert the probe into food and set the required temperature for cooking your dish, for example: beef; medium rare: 55C and it will alert you when the meat has reached the required temperature, so you can relax...

  • Dispense oil separately, vinegar separately or both at the same time! Great for pouring direct onto a salad or add a chef's touch to your plate with a drizzle of oil. Stylish steel and plastic, modern design. Can be used to make your own flavoured oil, such as herb or chilli oil.

  • A great time saver for fast, fine chopping of fresh ingredients such as herbs, garlic or chilli. Its simple design allows you to add the herbs into the base then add the press and twist - resulting in finely chopped ingredients in seconds.

  • A measuring jug and kitchen scales in one? With our Digital measuring jug you can weigh solids and measure liquids digitally in the same jug. Build a whole recipe at once with a smart add and weigh function. 

  • For the perfectionists out there, this is the kitchen accessory for you. The board features 3 classic school rulers, 1:1 scale, ideal for precise chopping. Flip it over for a plain board for the less obsessive chef.

  • Slice, dice and organise with the eKitch chefs preparation chopping board. A great little kitchen aid, the integral metal dishes allow you to separate your chopped items from any peelings and keep them ready for use. When you have finished your prep remove the dishes and add your ingredients to your recipe.

Showing 1 - 6 of 10 items